10 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Website

There are many reasons business owners choose not to own a website. Many say they don’t have the money, time, or skills necessary to build a website for their business.

You may have asked yourself the question whether or not you really need a website. http://terrafirmarealestate.ca/tag/maintenance/ Unless your only problem is having more business than you can handle, then the answer is yes. You definitely need a website for your business, and I’ll tell you why.

  1. http://lookielooloo.com/collections/alphabet-tees-1/products/letter-g-1 People expect you to have one.

    The average person in 2019 isn’t going to pick up a copy of the Yellow Pages to find a business. The first thing most people do is search directly for a company’s website to find what they’re looking for. Maybe you only have a Facebook or Twitter page for your business. That’s a start, but only 25% of people prefer to check social media for business information.

    When people want to know something, they want the answer right then and there. If you don’t have a website, today’s consumers can (and will) quickly turn to your competitors that do.

  2. rencontre entre hommes seniors It gives your business more credibility. 

    There’s nothing wrong with being a small business, but if all you have are a building and sign, you’re hurting yourself. You only get one chance at a first impression; you have to make sure it’s a good one.

    75% of people admit that they judge a company based on what their website looks like. Potential customers are less likely to trust businesses that don’t have a professional website. It only takes seconds for a person to form an impression of what they’re looking at. For instance, having a bad website might hurt you more than not having a website at all. Leave your customers feeling good about your company when they click out of your page and they’re more likely to come to you for their business needs.

  3. association point rencontre chateau arnoux YOU get to control what it says.

    It’s great to have people write reviews and comments on your social media page, but you shouldn’t let others speak for you. Your potential customers should hear about your business from you. If you own a business, you need to own a website that matches your company’s branding and business ideas.

    For people who like what they see, it’s easy to add social media icons so the rest of your content is only a click away. Having a website creates an official presence online so people know that you’re committed and serious about what you do.

  4. Websites are cheaper than traditional advertising costs.

    Many small business owners shy away from creating their websites because they think it’ll cost an arm and a leg to get started. The reality is that the cost of maintaining a website is actually much lower than other forms of advertising. 

    The average cost of putting a business card size ad in the Yellow Pages might run you $250-400 a month. That can be a costly accumulation when you can invest in your own website and reach a far greater audience for much less money.

  5. You can easily keep your content up to date. 

    A lot of businesses rely on print material like brochures and flyers. While that can be nice to hand out, there are definitely some cons that come with it. There are the obvious costs associated with design and print, but what happens when you need to update the information?

    I’ve known business owners who told me they were “stuck” with the 5,000 brochures they had printed even though they had typos or changes in pricing. If you have printed material with glaring mistakes in it, that sends a red flag to potential consumers and gives the impression that you don’t care about your quality of work.

    With a website, mistakes can be corrected with a few clicks before anyone sees. Any changes you make in pricing or other business related information can easily be updated. Don’t get stuck with your embarrassing mistakes or old prices; just update your site and no one will be the wiser. 

  6. Social media alone is not a viable marketing strategy.  

    So you set up a page for your business on Facebook and you’re expecting people to just come flock to you, right? Wrong! Social media is an ever changing platform. Algorithms are reworked and updates aren’t always working in your favor. The people that see you on social media may not be as numerous as you think.

    The reality is, your presence on social media is like renting on someone else’s property, except you don’t get to pick the location. With your own website, you can be sure you’re getting prime real estate. You’re the land lord and there’s no one to dictate what you can and can’t do. 

  7.  People want to know about your business.

    Humans are curious creatures. Before they invest in a business, they want to know who they’re dealing with, how much it’s going to cost them, and what everything entails. If your website doesn’t spell out exactly who you are or what you do, you are missing out on potential opportunities. 

    We live in an age of instant gratification. If your business is not the answer that they need, someone else will be.

  8. You have a designated space to show off your skills. 

    If you claim to be an industry expert, you better have some evidence to back it up. With your own website, you can easily display past projects that have made you proud. People want to ensure that your business is going to be worth the money they spend. Having your previous work available for others to see might just be what convinces someone to invest in your business instead of your competitor down the street.

  9. You never have to put up a closed sign. 

    Your website can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for as long as you need it to. There’s very little maintenance that needs to be done and you don’t need to worry about missing customers. With a reliable website, you can answer questions even while you sleep. It’s also extremely easy to set up a simple contact form so people can reach out to you at their convenience so you can get back to them during yours.

  10. It helps you compete with big companies. 

    Maybe you’re one woman show or you’ve got a small crew of consisting of close friends and family. Having a stunning website helps give you a competitive edge against a larger company. A great website makes your company look serious and professional, and no one will know how many (or how few) people are involved in your business unless you choose to share! People are simply looking for a good solution from someone they can trust. In business, bigger doesn’t always mean better, and consumers are often happy to help support their local businesses. 

If you’re still not convinced, what if I told you that you could get started with a one page website starting as low as $250?

I’m Elisha and I’d love to talk to you more about what having a website can do for you. Call me at 231-373-4591 or email elishahelsel@gmail.com today!

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